Network Database is most suitable for Global Database Customer

Published: 14th May 2010
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As of 2010 the Relational Database Management System model's application are most common. There four types of customer database and network database models are the most suitable for global database customer.

There are three main purposes to introduce Network Database Model. These purposes include

  1. Representing a complex data relationship more effectively.

  2. Improving database performance.

  3. Imposing a database standard.

The network model highly resembles the hierarchal database model. Another characteristic is the network user database is collected of at least two record types including an owner, which is a record type equivalent to the parent type in the hierarchal database model, and the member record type which resembles the child type in the hierarchal model. The schema, subschema, and database management language are a few of the key mechanism that make this database model unique. The schema used for this model is conceptual organization of the entire database programs as the database administrator intends. The subschema defines the database portion as seen by the application programs that produce the information from the raw data that is contained in the given database programs.

The network database model uses a database management language that defines data characteristics and the data structure in order to manipulate the data. The database management language uses a schema and subschema data definition language. The schema data definition language enables database administrators to define schema mechanism in the database programs. The subschema data definition language allows the application programs to define database mechanism that will be used.

There are a few advantages and disadvantages of using the network database model. Some advantages include conceptual simplicity, data access flexibility, conformance to standards, handle more relationship types, promote customer database integrity, and allows for data independence.

The disadvantages of the network database model are the structure is complicated to modify, this type of system is very complex, and there is a lack of structural independence. In summary the network database model is similar but different then the hierarchal database model. The network database model should be used when it is essential to have an elastic way of representing objects and its relationships.

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