Five Important Intranet Policies for every Organization

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Published: 18th February 2010
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If there is an intranet installation happening in your office, then there are certain polices and procedures that focus on authoring guidelines and standards. Many organisations are debating over the aptness of such policies, is it fair to have such policies. Some of these rules are such that look quite difficult to enforce. Well, having policies is right but too many policies with no base are just too much to handle. So it should be ensured that only such policies are used that are mutually beneficial. Let us have a look at some of these policies that are should be used organisations.

Intranet Homepage- certainly this is one of the most debatable areas where everyone wants to get visibility. However, what should be and what shouldn't be reflected on the intranet homepage should be a policy. The policy should be simple and yet stringent in usage. The intranet designs should be on the basis of these policies.

First Source Publishing: many a times, the intranet becomes a sort of dumping ground for the information that is not required. So having a policy stating- the information that has already been communicated to the staff in some other form (emails or banners) will not be put on the intranet should be beneficial.

Information management Policy- Almost every company has an inbuilt corporate management system. So, the company should have a policy that states the usage of the intranet in its strict sense. The intranet software should also be designed in accordance to that policy.

Whenever an intranet system is developed in an office, the concerned employees should be properly inducted so that they make the optimum use of the intranet technology. They should have the proper knowledge about intranet usage like how to publish content on the intranet and so on.

Then there should also be certain clarity about the ownership of the intranet as a medium. Who should be deemed responsible for the intranet operating in the office? The delegation of responsibility will also be beneficial for the staff.

In such way, Intranet development should be done in a most proper way and this gives you the desired benefits out of it.

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